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About Us

Fort Hare Trading Solutions is a wholly owned private company of the University of Fort Hare. It was established in 2006 and registered in 2007 to be the vehicle through which the University can extend its strategic partnerships agenda's and become a prominent player in the market for knowledge based solutions in the areas of human capital development, as well as evidence based research and advisory services. It is in collaboration amongst the Special Executive Programmes, Transversal Training Management Agency, and Public Financial Services Agency formerly housed within the School of Public Management and Development.

Fort Hare Solutions makes use of internationally recognised and proven methods of consultancy, research, development and training that are flexible enough to meet the changing needs of dynamic projects. Our proven project management skills come from having distinguished ourselves as being the providers of practical consulting solutions and as such focus on process-based as opposed to resource-based consulting services, whilst adopting this style enables us to rapidly transfer skills to the community and / or the project beneficiaries.

Our entire consulting, research and project implementation approach has been developed around integration – the need  to ensure the alignment of people, technology and support processes with the core business and the strategic direction of the client organisation.


A world-class provider of innovative solutions


Fort Hare Solutions (Pty) Ltd is a provider of cutting-edge solutions through innovative research, knowledge-based consulting and professional development, by assisting people and organisations to achieve their purpose.


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